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John, James & Greg have been given 120 seconds to present wastewater challenges, our ALGAESYS solution and the traction we are making.......

At ALGAESYS we are on a mission to deliver affordable decarbonised water & biomass reuse to support sustainable circular economies and local water, energy and food security.


ALGAESYS is a decentralised, modular solution for high performance chemical-free wastewater treatment, harnessing natural algae, energised by the sun. It removes pathogens, nitrates, phosphates, micro-plastics & persistent organic chemicals to protect the oceans and water courses. Our patented process produces EU Class C reuse quality water, soil conditioner biomass & bio-methane. It is safe, unobtrusive, simple to operate, land efficient with rapid deployment and can even be housed on roof tops. Unlike conventional systems, ALGAESYS is carbon negative with algae uptake of CO2; it uses 80% less energy and 50% lower lifecycle costs and is a net energy producer. It meets critical environmental protection targets and 10 UN SDGs, sustaining water-stressed communities, horticulture, aquaculture & industry. We believe there is nothing on the market delivering these benefits at our lifecycle costs. We can undercut the competition whilst generating superior margins & cashflows, with the opportunity for continuous incomes from the water value chain.    


Our technology has been funded by the team and developed to fullscale.  We have one commercial plant in operation at Summit Lake Park, Indiana, USA.  This has been operating since 2014 and is reported to be working very well by the Department of Natural Resources there. The technology was further improved and demonstrated in Kunshan, China and we are now starting to install a fullscale facility at Almeria in Southern Spain with funded by Aqualia.  This is not to prove the technology’s performance (although we shall continue to improve and further optimise from the process) but to exhibit to Aqualia’s customers - Aqualia have 10 - 12 plants that need upgrading in the short term (and others in the pipeline) for which they believe our technology provides the best solution for their customers and themselves as operators.


Our first revenues are expected to be with Aqualia, depending on the size of the facility, estimated to be between €1.5 - 2.5M per facility with healthy project gross margins of 700 k - 1.2 M.

Other early revenues are expected from Neom City in Saudi Arabia and from private developers in South Africa.


The beauty of our technology is that it can be procured affordably anywhere in the world with locally available materials. We do not need a factory to manufacture components and so it is low in terms of capital expenditure compared with others in our sector

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