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UN: The world has failed to meet a single target to stem ecosystem destruction.

A report out this month, The Global Biodiversity Oulook 5, published in advance of a key UN Summit on the issue, has found that none of the 20 Aichi biodiversity targets agreed in Japan in 2010 have been fully achieved, the second consecutive decade that governments of the world have failed to meet targets. ALGAESYS will directly help achieve Targets No. 8 (nutrient control), 11 (watercourse protection), 14 (sustainability of water services) and 15 (ecosystem restoration and carbon assimilation).

ALGAESYS promotes at least 6 of the UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, and our technology has a unique value proposition and opportunity to address the greatest challenges of the 21st Century facing humanity and its existence, from poverty alleviation, food security and higher levels of disease protection to the preservation of biodiversity and resource conservation.

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