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UN FAO: 3 billion people affected by water shortages

Our very existence depends on water with 3 billion now affected around the world, facing hunger, of whom 1.5 billion live with severe scarcity and drought. The amount of fresh water available for each person has plunged by a fifth over two decades. Whilst it is particularly serious in North Africa and West Asia, it is a challenge to the way of life and food security for all. This is brought about by unsustainable agricultural practices and lack of progress in water conservancy and reuse. Agriculture accounts for some 70% of water use worldwide.

ALGAESYS can play a key role in solving this urgent issue and we are engaging with water user partners in Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as Southern Europe to demonstrate our affordable high quality water reuse systems for enabling sustainable local circular economies to regenerate such communities.

You can read the report summary here:

The full report access here:


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