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Edible London Founder Soner “Sunny” Karagozlu joins Algaesys

We are delighted to have

Sunny join our advisory board supporting agri-business water reuse projects and opportunities for local community regeneration with water value chain creation. Sunny is a seasoned and dynamic business leader, facilitator, community connector, farmer, importer / exporter of food products, garden centre advisor and farm designer.

As founder and CEO of Edible London CIC, with his passionate horticultural entrepreneurship, Sunny has demonstrated how food growing can bring people together, get them back in touch with nature, and help those in the community suffering from food poverty to eat a more nutritious diet. Edible London also serves as a platform to teach people the skills to feed their community through local growing projects.

Edible London ( has grown from providing free bags of food for 200 people a week, rescuing and distributing ingredients for over 50,000 meals a week. Sunny engineered the blueprint enabling Edible London to act as the lead organisation supporting the Haringey COVID 19 food response out of Alexandra Palace and Tottenham Hotspurs stadium; procuring and packaging fruit & vegetable hampers for shielding and in-need residents of the community. As part of his work at Edible London, Sunny also manages crop planning for four growing sites and established a food re-distribution centre.

Take a look at their amazing achievements here:

He is also working with agri-businesses in the Eastern Mediterranean and will be helping ALGAESYS to address and enable the needs of water-stressed agricultural communities in the region.

Sunny specialises in integrating technological methodologies, both traditional and modern, in helping to create not just a sustainable but a regenerative form of agriculture.

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