Negative Carbon, Energy Positive
wastewater recovery systems for smaller communities

....powered by the sun

at half the lifecycle cost

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Nothing on the market delivers high quality reusable water at our lifecycle costs

With local sourcing of materials and 80% reduced energy costs and very low maintenance burden, this affordable decarbonised system is what communities with limited resources have been waiting for. Every cubic meter of ALGAESYS water and biomass provides opportunities for local wealth creation.

ALGAESYS feeds Horticulture, ensures food security

ALGAESYS enables the circular economy.

The safer, reliable and cost-effective reuse of water for irrigation and biomass as soil conditioner, due to robustness of algae with higher protection from toxins entering the food chain. 

The EU Water Framework Directive encourages reuse for horticulture even in non water stressed regions. 

ALGAESYS sustains Aquaculture RAS


Improves aquaculture operating margins and provides enhanced protection of fish and yields. Suitable for both Fresh water and sea water systems.  


Removes nitrates, disinfection and produces a highly oxygenated return flow.

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The ALGAESYS system

  • removes nitrogen, phosphorus and carbonaceous pollutants

  • absorbs micro-plastics and heavy metals

  • destroys persistent organics,

  • disinfects to at least EU Class C without additional treatment

  • absorbs carbon dioxide, approximately 15 g per cubic meter of wastewater treated

We use naturally occurring colonised micro-algae and phototrophic bacteria that obtain their treatment energy from the sun, not electricity.

Algae are robust and can handle toxins much better than conventional systems. We establish a colony that attach to our rotary logs that induce optimal conditions to maximise their efficacy in breaking down and oxidising pollutants.

Under the right conditions, the algae are extremely effective at pathogen kill and oxidising persistent organics such as hormones, pharmaceutical pollutants and endocrine disruptors, which conventional treatment facilities cannot achieve without expensive add-ons.

Conventional treatments typical harness multi-species heterotrophic bacterial colonies which require vigorous aeration and mixing in deep tanks that consume substantial energy.

The patented ALGAESYS technology has been developed and extensively demonstrated at fullscale in the USA and further optimised in China. 



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INDIANA, U.S.A. - The Summit Lake State Park facility with capacity of 275 cubic meters per day.  This replaced an older 200 m3/d facility.  It took 8 weeks to build of which 2 weeks were for concrete curing and our installation of 3 weeks.

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AQUALIA, one of the world's largest water companies is present in 17 countries, serving over 30 million customers.  Aqualia are evaluating ALGAESYS systems for their asset upgrades.

EDIBLE LONDON is spearheading a revolution towards a fair food economy in which food is available and accessible to all, whilst fostering resiliency in our communities.  EDIBLE's leadership is working with ALGAESYS to realise water reuse in horticulture to sustain local communities in various parts of the world including the Eastern Mediterranean.

BLUE BIO ALLIANCE - ALGAESYS is a member of the Blue Bio Alliance based in Portugal which promotes the blue (marine) economy.  Our co-founders attended the Blue Bio Value accelerator programme in 2019, sponsored by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Ocean Azul.

IMOPLASTIC GROUP - ALGAESYS commissioned IMOPLASTIC Group of Marinha Grande, Portugal, to fabricate the steel injection mould tool now being used to produce components for the rotating carrier onto which the algae and other phototrophic organisms adhere, slowly rotating into and out of the bioreactor in alternating dark-light cycles. IMOPLASTIC are also fabricating other key components for ALGAESYS.  See the mould here.

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