Negative Carbon Footprint wastewater treatment systems for smaller communities

....powered by the sun

at half the lifecycle cost

Customer needs & specification, design & planning

Each customer has their own specific needs - our modular technology can be employed for a variety of applications - for municipal, aquaculture, resorts/hotels, and industrial customers

Installation & start-up

ALGAESYS provide the full implementation capability in providing the mechanical, electrical and ICA equipment, working with a local civil contractor.  ALGAESYS then test, commission and start-up the plant with performance testing and hand-over to the customer.

Operations advice & maintenance services

ALGAESYS offer on-going operational and maintenance services or support to customer teams, along with training and optimisation advice.


The ALGAESYS technology uses naturally occuring colonised micro-algae and phototrophic bacteria that obtain their treatment energy from the sun, not electricity.

We establish a colony that attach to our rotary logs that induce optimal conditions to maximise their efficacy in breaking down and oxidising pollutants.

Under the right conditions, the algae are extremely effective at pathogen kill and oxidising persistant organics such as hormones, pharmaceutical pollutants and endocrine disruptors, which conventional treatment facilities cannot achieve without expensive add-ons.

Conventional treatments typical harness multi-species heterotrophic bacterial colonies which require vigorous aeration and mixing in deep tanks that consume substantial energy.

The ALGAESYS technology has been developed and extensively demonstrated at fullscale in the USA and further optimised in China. 



Year Established


Projects Completed


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The Summit Lake State Park facility with capacity of 275 cubic meters per day.  This replaced an older 200 m3/d facility.  It took 8 weeks to build of which 2 weeks were for concrete curing and our installation of 3 weeks.

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